Photo by Michael Sale, Sminthopsis dolichura

Australian Mammalogy

Australian Mammalogy is the Australian Mammal Society's peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Australian Mammalogy began publication in 1972, and continues to publish original research articles and notes on all aspects of Australasian mammals. Two issues of the journal are published annually. The journal is now published by CSIRO Publishing on behalf of the Society.

These journal issues and articles are afforded copyright protection and should only be copied for personal use or with the expressed permission of the publishers.

Volumes 22 onwards

Volumes 22 onwards are available to members via Australian Mammalogy Online (CSIRO).

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Non-members have access to article abstracts and may purchase full-text articles from the journal via CSIRO Publishing.

Volumes 1 – 21 (1972 – 1999)

Earlier volumes in electronic format are available to members by visiting the members area via the link below. To date, not all articles have been published in electronic format; however, they are being updated as time allows.

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Special Volumes of Australian Mammalogy

  • A symposium on the Phylogeny and Evolution of the Macropodidae (Volume 2, December 1978)

  • The 1984 Joint Meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists and the Australian Mammal Society (Volume 8, Numbers 3 & 4, June-December 1984)

  • The First National Flying Fox Symposium (Volume 10, Number 2, June 1987)

  • Proceedings of the 2001 Recent Advances in the Scientific Knowledge of Kangaroos Conference, Sydney (Volume 26, Number 1, May 2004)

  • Proceedings of the 2002 Animal Function in Arid Environments (Volume 26, Number 2, November 2004)

  • Proceedings of the Third National Rock-wallaby Symposium, Canberra, July 2010 (Volume 33, Number 2, 2011)

Calaby References

This bibliography on the mammals of Australia and the New Guinea region, which John Henry Calaby assembled and published as a service to the community from a wide range of formal and less formal publications, is available to financial members.