Photo by Jason van Weenen, Pteropus poliocephalus


The Society offers several awards to its members to recognise both service to the Australasian mammal fauna and the Australian Mammal Society, and recognising outstanding efforts at the Annual Scientific Meeting. Procedures for award applications are currently being reviewed.

Society Awards

The Ellis Troughton Memorial Award

The Ellis Troughton Memorial Award commemorates Ellis Le Geyt Troughton (1893-1974), outstanding Australian mammalogist, foundation member and the first Honorary Life Member of the Society. The award is made in recognition of the significant contribution of a member of the Society to Australian mammalogy.

Honorary Life Member of The Australian Mammal Society

This title is awarded to a member who has provided long standing service to the Society and in the advancement of substantive knowledge of Australasian mammals. Click here for more information.

The President's Early Researcher (Post Doctoral) Award

The President's Post Doctoral Award recognises excellence in research undertaken by a member of the Society within five years of the awarding of their PhD.

Annual Scientific Meeting Awards

The Adolph Bolliger Award

The Adolph Bolliger Award commemorates Adolph Bolliger (1897-1962), a distinguished Australian mammalogist and founding member of the Society. The award is made for the best spoken presentation by a student member at the Annual Meeting of the Society.

The A. G. Lyne Award

The A.G. Lyne Award celebrates the life of Gordon Lyne (1919–1986), a long-standing member of the Society and past president. The A.G. Lyne Award is made for the best poster presentation by a student member at an Annual Scientific Meeting.

Student Travel Awards

The Australian Mammal Society has long recognised the crucial role of Honours, postgraduate and other students in energising its Annual Meetings, as well as in furthering studies in mammalogy more generally. To facilitate student attendance, the Society offers Student Travel Awards to assist eligible students with transport to and from the Annual Scientific Meeting.

The John Seebeck Travel Award

The John Seebeck Travel Award is made in recognition of the contribution of long-standing member John Seebeck (1939–2003).  It is awarded to a student member who has received a Travel Award and who has presented the best spoken paper or poster at the Annual Scientific Meeting.

Scruffy Award

This award is a light-hearted award given to a member who has, through a meritorious act of outrageous or incompetent behaviour at the Annual Scientific Meeting, demonstrated that even the most hard-working, brilliant and productive members of the Society are still human and can still cause us all to find humour in one another's company.