Photo by Jason van Weenen, Pteropus poliocephalus

Ellis Troughton Memorial Award

The Ellis Troughton Memorial Award commemorates Ellis Le Geyt Troughton (1893-1974), an outstanding Australian mammalogist, foundation member and the first Honorary Life Member of the Society.

The award is made in recognition of the significant contribution of a member of the Society to Australian mammalogy and consists of a medal and letter from the President. Award recipients are named as Fellows of the Society and are invited to present the Troughton Memorial Lecture at an Annual Meeting of the Society.


  • Only members of the Society are eligible for the award.
  • Nominations must be made by another member of the Society.
  • The award may be made annually to a member of the Australian Mammal Society who has made a significant contribution to Australian mammalogy.
  • The criteria for judging the award include publications, presented papers and other work relevant to the member’s contribution to Australian mammalogy as assessed by the President and an adhoc panel appointed by the President.
  • Nominations for the award shall be called at least three months prior to the Annual General Meeting.
  • The award is made at the dinner of the Annual Meeting.
  • The award may not be made if the panel decides that no nominations reach the required standard in that year.

How to nominate

To nominate a member for the award, provide a written nomination to the President of the Society.

Nominations should include a statement of the person’s contribution to Australian mammalogy and a summary of the person’s work including publications, presented papers and other contributions in evidence of their contribution.

Troughton Medal Recipients 

2023    Marilyn Renfree

2019    Kath Handasyde

2018    Lynne Selwood

2014    Graeme Coulson

2010    Andrew Cockburn

2008    Chris Johnson

2004    Geoff Sharman

2003    Ian Hume

2003    Pat Woolley

2002    John Seebeck

1997    Tim Flannery

1990    Terry Dawson

1988    Tony Lee

1985    Gordon Lyne

1983    John Calaby

1982    Hugh Tyndale-Biscoe

1980    Chris Dickman

1979    Dan Irby

1978    Ruth Rofe