Photo by Jason van Weenen, Pteropus poliocephalus

Scruffy Award

This award is a light-hearted award given to a member who has, through a meritorious act of outrageous or incompetent behaviour at the Annual Scientific Meeting, demonstrated that even the most hard-working, brilliant and productive members of the Society are still human and can still cause us all to find humour in one another's company.

The winner has the honour of guardianship of the Scruffy shirt and tie until the next Annual Scientific Meeting. Nominations are made during the Annual Scientific Meeting.


2022 Kenny Travouillon

2021 Stewart Nicol

2020 Not awarded

2019 Mike Letnic

2018 Amy Edwards

2017 (No Scruffy Award at IMC)

2016 Martin Denny

2015 Alyce Swinbourne


2013    Brendan Taylor

2012    Terry Dawson

2011    Steve Griffiths

2010    Ian Wallis

2009    Felicity Bradshaw

2008    Lynne Selwood

2007    Fritz Geiser

2006    Des Cooper

2005    Tony Friend

2004    Shelley Barker

2003    Graeme Coulson

2002    John Seebeck

2001    Ron Strahan

2000    Matthew Crowther