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John Seebeck Travel Award

The John Seebeck Travel Award is made in recognition of the contribution of long-standing member John Seebeck (1939–2003).  It is awarded to a student member who has received a Travel Award and has presented the best-spoken paper or poster at the Annual Scientific Meeting.

The award consists of a monetary prize of $200, in addition to the Student Travel Award.


  • Only student members of the Society are eligible for the award.
  • The award is available only to recipients of a Student Travel Award at the Annual Meeting.

How to apply

Please refer to the instructions for the Student Travel Award.

John Seebeck Travel Award Recipients

2023    Annabel Ellis, the University of Sydney

2022    Shannon Kleemann, University of Adelaide

2019    Cara Penton, Charles Darwin University

2015    Anna Flanagan-Moodie, Deakin University

2016    Linette Umbrello, University of Western Australia

2014    Channing Hughes, University of Sydney

2013    Jemma Cripps, University of Melbourne

2012    Bronwyn Fancourt, University of Tasmania

2011    Greta Frankham, University of Melbourne

2009    Tara Draper, Monash University

2008    Elsa Glanville, University of Sydney

2006    Jane DeGabriel, Australian National University

2005    Greg Holland, Deakin University