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Conference 2021

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67th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian Mammal Society

The 67th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian Mammal Society (AMS) will be held online from 28th September to 1st October 2021, hosted by a Perth committee.

The virtual conference will begin with the first day of student workshops, followed by a 3-day scientific program, with presentations grouped by theme. The AMS will hold an annual general meeting (AGM) on the second day of the scientific program.



Registration for the virtual conference will be done through Eventbrite. Registration will be FREE for all AMS members. Non-members must sign up as a member on the AMS website first before registering for the conference ( All registered AMS members will receive a link to the Zoom Webinar via email, in order to be able to attend the virtual conference.

Workshop registration:

Workshop 1 - register now!

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Scientific program registration: register now!

Conference dinner registration: Perth locals, Brisbane locals, Armidale locals, Hobart locals, Adelaide locals, Lockdown dinner!


Conference program

Date Activity Time

Tues 28 Sept

 Student Workshops

Workshop 1 - Preparing for life after PhD

Workshop 2 - Media Training


9am –11am (AWST)

1pm –2:30pm (AWST)

Wed 29 Sept

Conference talks

9am – 3pm (AWST)

Thurs 30 Sept

Conference talks


9am – 3pm (AWST)

3pm – 5pm (AWST)

Fri 1 Oct

Conference talks

Award Ceremony

Conference dinner (held separately in each major city)

9am – 3pm (AWST)

3pm – 3:30pm (AWST)

5pm – 8pm (AWST)


The full program and Book of Abstracts is now available to download here!


Abstract & Presentation Guidelines  


Please submit your abstract as a Microsoft Word file to by the 30th of July.   

 To aid in file management please start all file names with the presentation type (presentation or speed talk), the primary author's last name and initials, e.g., for John Doe, use presentation_doej.doc or speedtalk_doej.doc.

 Abstracts must be written in Arial and set out according to the following guidelines:

1. Title (12 point), CAPITAL letters and centred.

2. Authors (12 point), please indicate presenter in bold e.g., Smith1, Peter and Doe2, John.

3. Addresses (10 point), if more than one address please use Arabic numerals as identifiers e.g., 1School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of New South Wales, New South Wales 2052, Australia. Please include the email address of the presenter and Twitter handle if you have one.

4. Text (12 point), body of text should address the following: context for the research, research aims, brief statement of materials and methods, results, and conclusions and significance.

5. Abstracts are to be a maximum of 200 words*.

6. Do not include references.  

*If you are nominating for an award please also complete the separate relevant form(s).



All papers will have to be pre-recorded, as per last year's online conference.  As a general rule, only one spoken paper may be presented by each person. Standard talks will be of 10 minutes duration (8 min talk, 2 min questions). Speed talks of 5 minutes duration (4 min talk, 1 min questions).  

 Your recordings will be broadcast in the Zoom Webinar at the time scheduled, followed by a live Q&A before moving on to the next talk.

Recordings will need to be sent as an mp4 file, strictly no longer than the allocated time for either a standard (8 minutes) or speed talk (4 minutes). To ensure the conference program is able to stick to schedule, any part of the presentation that goes beyond the time limit will be cut.

We recommend using Zoom to record your presentation, which can be freely downloaded from Have your presentation open on the screen, start a meeting in Zoom, share screen, select presentation, hit record and start talking. Other software, e.g. PowerPoint, can be used if preferred.

Directions on how to submit your video will be given closer to the conference.

 The Book of Abstracts is now available to download here!


Student presentation awards

There will be two student awards presented at AMS2021. The annual Bolliger Award for the best student presentation will be awarded to the best student standard talk (8 minutes plus 2 minutes for questions) and the Lyne Award, which is usually for the best student poster, will be awarded to the best student speed talk (4 minutes plus 1 minutes for questions). Please make sure to fill out the separate relevant form (available on the AMS website), and submit it with your abstract.


Student Workshops - 28th September 2021

Workshop 1: Preparing for life after PhD (Job interview strategies)  

9am –11am (AWST) Register now!

Join us for a Q&A and panel discussion with scientists from academia, NGOs, governments and consultancies to give the students an overview of the different career paths that are available to them and how to best market yourself to a potential employer. The aim of the workshop is to better prepare students for a career after student life with advice from both recently successful hires and those doing the hiring. Potential topics to be discussed are writing your application, interviewing for a job and creating an online presence.


Workshop 2: Media Training

1pm –2:30pm (AWST) Register now!

Being contacted by the media for the first time can be quite daunting, especially when there is little/no media training provided by universities. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and miss the opportunity to effectively communicate our science to the public. This workshop will provide a quick introduction to what to expect when being interviewed and how to focus on the key message to effectively communicate your research to the public. Please join us for a presentation and panel discussion with prominent scientists and science journalists aimed at better preparing students and early career researchers for dealing with the media.

Conference dinner

We are hoping to hold separate conference dinners in the major cities of Australia to encourage social interaction. Please contact the chief organiser, Kenny Travouillon (, if you are interested in hosting an AMS dinner.

Conference dinners will be linked via a Zoom meeting, in order to hold the limericks competition.

Conference dinner registration:

Perth locals


Brisbane locals

Adelaide locals

Hobart locals

Armidale locals

Lockdown dinner