Photo by Michael Sale, Notomys alexis

Conference 2020





The 66th Annual Scientific meeting of the Australian Mammal Society will be held on the Lismore campus of Southern Cross University. The conference organiser is Ross Goldingay (

More details about the conference will be available soon. What follows is a brief overview.

The 3-day scientific program will contain a general program as well as a mini-symposium on ‘Possums and Gliders’. The Possums and Gliders symposium will occur on day 3 and mark almost 20 years since the last symposium on these species held in Brisbane in 2001. Within the general program we are hoping to have theme sessions on 'marine mammals', 'koala conservation' and 'Australian mammals and fire'.

An ice-breaker and registration session will be held on Sunday afternoon 21 June 2020 commencing around 530 pm. A post-grad and early career researcher workshop will be held earlier on 21 June. More info soon.

We will be organising a post-grad dinner and ‘Old Farts’ dinner for Monday 22 June.


Getting to Lismore

Flights: You can fly direct to Lismore but only from Sydney with REX.

REX Sydney to Lismore (1400–1540 h).

Flying to Ballina will be cheaper. We will provide 2 bus options to transfer people from Ballina to their Lismore accommodation. It’s about a 40 min drive.

Pickup 1415-1430 h.

Jetstar: Melbourne to Ballina-Byron (1200–1400)

Pickup 1645-1700 h.

Jetstar: Sydney to Ballina-Byron (1515–1630)

Flying from Adelaide: Virgin has a direct flight to Gold Coast Airport (845–1135), shuttle buses (~$57) to Lismore 1400 & 1600 h (2 h 10 min drive).

Getting Home

Departing Lismore for Ballina airport: One bus provided on Thursday 25 June.

Pickup in Lismore 1030 h

Jetstar: Ballina-Byron to Sydney (1215–1335)

Jetstar: Ballina-Byron to Melbourne (1430–1645)

More Information

Information about accommodation will be provided soon. Information about student college accommodation has been delayed.

We are intending on providing a bus run in the morning and afternoon during the conference to assist people to get to and from their off-campus accommodation. The campus venue is about 2 km from the CBD but it is a little hilly.